What is the benefit of an FHA mortgage loan?

Answer The FHA or Federal Housing Administration mortgage program created the opportunity for borrowers with lower credit scores and down payments to purchase a home. These borrowers are typically unable ... Read More »

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Is it better to get a shorter loan mortgage term or prepay on a longer loan?

On One Hand: Short Tem Mortgages Tie Your Hands.A short term mortgage forces you to spend more money on your house payment than you would under a longer term loan. This means that there is less mon... Read More »

Is it Better to Get a Shorter Loan Mortgage Term or Pre-Pay on a Longer Loan?

There are many benefits to listed job descriptions. It makes it easier to fill the position and gives employees a clear description of what they would do on a day to day basis if hired. However, th... Read More »

What Is the Benefit of an Interest Only Mortgage?

An interest-only mortgage may be a good loan product if you want to purchase a home with maximum flexibility and a lower monthly mortgage payment. This type of loan is intended for borrowers who ar... Read More »

Is there any benefit in having an unsecured loan rather than a secured one?

On One Hand: No CollateralWhen you take out an unsecured loan, you do not use a specific property to guarantee the loan in case you cannot repay it. Even though your creditor may be able to take so... Read More »