Why is the accrual basis of accounting generally preferred over cash basis?

Answer Two accounting methods exist for recording financial transactions--the accrual basis and the cash basis. The accrual basis records transactions, expenses and revenue as they occur, regardless of wh... Read More »

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How to Protest Scientology?

With the sudden surge in internet-based organized protests against the malicious practices in Scientology, here is a guide on how to become a part of this global movement.

How to Take a Scientology Test?

So you would like to take the Scientology test. You believe that Scientology just might be the religion for you in order to help you get your life in order. No doubt, the Scientology test will be a... Read More »

What does scientology believe about after death?

Scientology is a religious movement and belief system that was created in 1955 by the American science fiction author, L. Ron Hubbard. The religion puts a strong emphasis on self-knowledge and psyc... Read More »

Did John Travolta's son Jett die because his parents follow scientology and refused Medicine?

hmm....he had a seizure, fell and hit his head. the seizure was not from hitting his head. the articles EVERYWHERE state that. i am under the impression they did not medicate him. (the larry king i... Read More »