What is the chain of command in the army?

Answer General of the Army, Theater Commanders, Army Commanders, Corps Commanders, Division, Brigade, Battalion, Company Commanders.

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Can I be treated for ADD while serving in the Army reserves Im afriad to tell my chain of command about my ADD in fear of being MED-boarded.?

Answer hmmm...... well i believe that it depends on the severity of the ADD, i was recently discharged from the army due to my back but I've seen guys go through who have had severe add which made ... Read More »

US Navy chain of command?

Chain of Command is very simple, that is until you get into the upper echelons. It begins with the lowest link in the chain, the common seaman. At the top is the President of the US (Currently Barr... Read More »

What is the ROTC Chain of Command?

i would like to ask the same question...glad there's somebody else out there looking for one!

What is the significance of the chain of command in the Navy?

In a very tiny nutshell, the Chain of Command ("CoC") is a direct step-by-step link between a junior sailor and his direct supervisor, his supervisors supervisor, etc. through the president. Questi... Read More »