What is the chain of command in the army?

Answer General of the Army, Theater Commanders, Army Commanders, Corps Commanders, Division, Brigade, Battalion, Company Commanders.

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Can I be treated for ADD while serving in the Army reserves Im afriad to tell my chain of command about my ADD in fear of being MED-boarded.?

Answer hmmm...... well i believe that it depends on the severity of the ADD, i was recently discharged from the army due to my back but I've seen guys go through who have had severe add which made ... Read More »

What is the ROTC Chain of Command?

i would like to ask the same question...glad there's somebody else out there looking for one!

What is the chain of command for the Air Force meteorologist?

No. You must be a legal resident of the United States and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to enlist in the army. Go to for more information on the requirements to join t... Read More »

What is the chain of command for the coast guard?

Not sure what you mean here, but basically, a unit Commanding Officer reports to either a District or Area Commander, a District Commander reports to an Area Commander, the Area Commanders report t... Read More »