What is the ball on top of a flagpole called?

Answer The ball on top of a flagpole is known as the finial. The finial can also be known as a "truck." This usage is common on American military bases around the world.Source:Snopes: Finial Duty

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What is in the ball of a flagpole?

The inside of the ball at the top of a flagpole is either filled with solid metal or is hollow, and they are some times called ornaments. The top piece of a flagpole doesn't have to be a ball. Meta... Read More »

What is the top of a flagpole called?

The cap at the top of a flagpole where the pulley attaches is called a truck. Most flagpoles also have a ball or other ornament (such as an eagle) on top of the truck--this is called a finial.Sourc... Read More »

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