If a father is seeking joint custody and the mother has been served court papers what rights does the father have until the case goes to court?

Answer It depends if you've made an effort to support your child. If you ran away from your responsibilities and didn't pay that child support then those are marks against you in the court system. If the ... Read More »

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How much do they pay as a state witness in Boone County court in Madison, West Virginia?

The West Virginia State Code allows payment of $10 to $20 to any witnesses in Boone County court in Madison, West Virginia, just as in other courts in the state. In addition, witnesses are entitled... Read More »

What Is Required in a Court Interpreter Background Check?

Court interpreter positions entail a number of requirements and qualifications. While the requirements may vary from state to state, or from state court to federal court, court interpreters must ge... Read More »

What does disposed case mean in family court?

A case is 'disposed of' when it reaches the stage when the judge renders his final decision

What Are Some Cases Where a Fingerprint Solved a Court Case?

Fingerprinting is one of the oldest scientific practices used for police investigations, and the oldest still allowed in courts today. However, as DNA technology continues to uncover cases of wrong... Read More »