What is the backdoor draft definition?

Answer Presidential candidate John Kerry used the term "backdoor draft" in a 2004 speech to bring attention to the issues regarding stop-loss policy. San Francisco attorney Joshua Sondheimer, while repres... Read More »

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When im done with your ESPN fantasy draft how do you leave the draft?

Yes they do have free leagues. Some are prize eligeable but the y cost money.

What is a backdoor in Pogo?

A backdoor in reference to the arcade game website "Pogo" means using a direct web address to get into rooms that are at max capacity, according to My Backdoors. However, Pogo does not offer a back... Read More »

What is"Backdoor Generic"?

Backdoor Generic is a type of Trojan horse virus. Trojan horses don't replicate on their own, but users spread them manually, thinking them useful programs. McAfee first documented Backdoor Generic... Read More »

What is a Backdoor Graybird?

Backdoor.Graybird is a Trojan that gives a hacker or attacker unauthorized access to your computer. Once installed, this malicious parasite modifies registry entries and installs files in system fo... Read More »