What is the baby called during the second and third trimesters?

Answer A fetus.

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What is a baby cat called?

A baby cat is called a kitten. Kittens open their eyes between seven and 10 days after birth. Until then, they cannot see. For the first two weeks, they cannot hear. Cats can have up to five litter... Read More »

What is a baby emu called?

A baby emu is called a chick. A newly born chick weighs around a pound or less, and emerges from a large green egg. Chicks reach full maturity at two to three years of age.Source:Animal Planet: Ba... Read More »

What is a baby earthworm called?

When it first comes out of the cocoon, a baby earthworm is referred to as a hatchling. As it eats and grows, it becomes a juvenile. Once it grows its reproductive parts, it is considered a mature e... Read More »

What is a baby orangutan called?

Unlike many other animals, there is no specific name for baby orangutans. They are simply called babies, infants or young. This holds true for all members of the ape family.Source:National Geograph... Read More »