Axial Skeleton Disease?

Answer The human skeletal system contains 206 bones and is comprised of two parts: the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. The appendicular skeleton includes the arm, shoulder, pelvis and leg bo... Read More »

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How many bones make up the axial skeleton?

The axial skeleton makes up the central part of the body and includes the skull, spine, ribs and sternum. There are 80 bones in the axial skeleton. The appendicular skeleton includes the limbs, pel... Read More »

How many bones makeup the axial skeleton?

The axial skeleton forms the central axis of the human body. Eighty total bones form the axial skeleton, in three different sections. Twenty-eight are in the skull, 26 are in the vertebral column, ... Read More »

Are your legs part of your axial skeleton?

Your legs are not a part of your axial skeleton; only your head, thorax and pelvis comprise the axial skeleton. Your upper legs are part of your proximal skeleton, while your legs from your knees d... Read More »

Tests for the Bone Density of the Axial Skeleton?

Osteoporosis and its precursors are diagnosed using a bone density test. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes the bones to become fragile and break easily. With the use of X-rays, levels of calciu... Read More »