What is the average work week for a physician?

Answer The amount of time that a doctor works in an average week can vary depending on the doctor's specialization and whether he works in a private practice or for a hospital. The average work week for ... Read More »

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How many hours per week do physician residents work?

Resident physicians have a busy schedule and are required to work approximately 60 hours per week. They typically work two, 30-hour shifts, often without sleep. There is a movement to reduce the nu... Read More »

How long is the average pastor's work week?

According to a survey by LifeWay Research released in January 2010, about 65 percent of protestant pastors work an average of 50 hours a week. Another 8 percent work more than 70 hours per week.Ref... Read More »

How many hours does the average American work per week?

According to the findings of a report from the National Sleep Foundation, the average American works 46 hours a week. Nearly 40% of participants in the study reported working more than 50 hours a w... Read More »

Should a 27 year old woman who has 102.8 F temperature after she received a vaccination for regular flu one week ago a see physician immediately?

That is a high fever, it would be wise to contact a doctor to see if you need an appointment for an examination. A reaction to a vaccination would not cause a temperature that high. And it takes ab... Read More »