What is the average width of a human hair?

Answer A single strand of human hair can be anywhere between 18 microns and 80 microns, depending on which part of the body the hair is coming from. A micron is one-millionth of a

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What is the width of a human hair in centimeters?

The actual width of a human hair varies from person to person because everyone has unique hair chemistry. In addition, hair colors each have a different thickness (black is the thickest) and hair t... Read More »

How Much Hair Does a Human Grow on Average in a Lifetime?

The average human body has 1.4 million hairs on it at any given time. Given an average lifespan of nearly 80 years and an average hair growth cycle of three years, a person can grow 40 million hair... Read More »

What is the average width of a penis?

The average human male penis width is 1.25 to 1.6 inches when measured diameter directly from one edge to the other. The girth of the average penis, also known as the circumference, is typically 4 ... Read More »

What is the Average width of a refrigerator?

According to a few refrigerator websites, the average width of a freezer-on-top or freezer-on-bottom refrigerator is 33 inches. They can range from 23 to 36 inches. Side-by-Side models are usually ... Read More »