The average height& weight of a 7-year-old female?

Answer The average height of a seven-year-old female is 43 inches, or 3 feet 7 inches, according to the Disabled World website. The average weight is 50.6 pounds. The weight and height of children can cha... Read More »

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What is the average starting weight for a female beginner in deadlifts?

Build yourself up, focus on form first. Just use the bar to begin with, get the technique and form correct, create a muscle mind map before you attempt any serious weight.I would think once you are... Read More »

What is the average height to weight ratio for a 28-year-old female?

The most widely used measurement for height to weight ratio is Body Mass Index, or BMI. A BMI of between 19 and 25 is considered average for a 28 year-old woman, this translates to a height to weig... Read More »

What is the average height to weight ratio for a 28-year old female?

According to a 2002 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average height for a woman aged 20 to 74 is 64 inches. The average weight for a woman in that category is 1... Read More »

Im 14 , im 5 7" and i weigh 93 pounds is that average whats the average height and weight?

I'm a guy but you're 2 inches taller than me and 2 pounds heavier. (I'm 14 too) You're skinny but not anerexic, most people on yahoo are just fat cause they sit in front of the computer all day.