What is the average weight for 5ft 8 inch teenage girl?

Answer Anywhere from 9st 7 pounds- 11st 7 pounds. or 59kg- 74 kg.Either way, I'm sure your fine, diiferent things can also effect your weight such as disabilities, muscle index and fitness levels.:)

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What is the average weight for a 4 foot tall boy?

What is the average weight of an 4 foot 9 inches 11 year old girl?

My dad is 6 foot and my mom is 5 foot 5 inches while i am 13 and i am 5 foot 1 inch how tall will i be?

Whoever has answered this question has answered it wrong. You can never correctly predict the height of any person because the height of the person depends on the proper functioning of the gene mak... Read More »

How much should a five foot five inch female weight?

The healthy weight of a 5'5 woman is approximately 134 lbs. Doctors consider a healthy weight range for a 5'5 woman between 114 and 150 lbs. This estimate is based on a woman's weight calculated ... Read More »