How to Pass the Time in a Waiting Room?

Answer Stuck in the waiting room with nothing to do? Read on, and you'll get some ideas how to use this otherwise wasted time, or at least be entertained!

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How to Pass the Time Waiting for a File to Download?

It may feel interminable to wait for a file to download. Here are some fun ideas to help you kill the time!

Is there a waiting time for divorce in Oklahoma?

The minimum waiting period for a divorce in Oklahoma, with no minor children involved, is 10 days. Divorces involving minor children are subject to a 90-day waiting period. A waiver may be grante... Read More »

How do i download rapidshare without waiting time?

The way you can download using RapidShare without buying a premium account or waiting time is simple. It is by rotating your ip between files. I have DSL here and can do it simply from the desktop ... Read More »

How to Pass Time Waiting For a Friend to Arrive?

Friends are great! It's always fun to invite a friend over and hang out. But have you ever driven yourself crazy waiting for a friend to get to your house? This guide will help you to stay sane.