How long does it take the space shuttle to reach outer space from launch?

Answer Answer It takes about 8 minutes from launch for the shuttle to reach space. How is that for speed? Once in space, the space shuttle and the International Space Station orbit the Earth about 16 tim... Read More »

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When did the international space station launch into outer space?

The first part launched in 1998. It's not yet finished, the last module is supposed to launch in 2012. More modules could be added in the future.

What are outer space aliens?

They are as of this date, fictional entities that might someday be real entities that come from a place that is not earth.

Which country was the first in outer space?

The Soviet Union had several firsts in space, with the US close behind during the Cold War after World War II.Space is currently defined as being more than 100 km (62 miles) above the Earth. The fi... Read More »

Will hydroponics work in outer-space?

NASA and several other institutes are testing and trying it out, however, nobody knows for sure.