Do you think this babysitting rate is too high$5 per hour or 6?

Answer That's a little on the cheap side actually. I get paid 5 dollars per kid...My friends get paid up to 10 dollars per kid but they live in a nice neighborhood so I don't know. I think 6 dollars for o... Read More »

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A train travels 300 km on 4 hour. what its average speed?

There is no answer. A train cannot travel 300 km ON 4 hours, but it can travel 300 km IN 4 hours which would make the average speed 75 km.

What does the average roofer charge per hour?

Roofers are responsible for repairing and installing roofs from a number of different materials. According to, roofers charge, on average, anywhere from $12.59 to $20.25 and above per ... Read More »

Average Height & Weight for Teenagers?

The prevalence of childhood obesity in America brings even more attention to the issue of appropriate weight and height for teenagers. One in three children under the age of 18 in the United States... Read More »

If a car travels 98 miles in one hour and fortu five minutes what is its average speed?

Ave. speed = total dist. covered/total time takenTotal dist = 98 milesTotal time = 1hr 45min = 7/4hr==> ave. speed = 98 miles/(7/4hr)= 56 miles/hr.