What is the average sleep without crying for a baby?

Answer It depends on your baby.Some babies sleep for 3-4 hours and don't cry until around the fourth hour. My baby is almost 5 months old and has slept through the whole night since she was born. It just ... Read More »

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How to Get Your Two Year Old to Stop Crying and Go to Sleep Alone?

Many parents of toddlers quickly come to realize that there is a reason why it’s called “The Terrible Twos”. In addition to the common two year old challenges, some parents have a difficult t... Read More »

How do you make a baby stop crying it's not my baby?

First of all you should try to know the reason... that why is the baby crying! Maybe he is hungry, or is not feeling well, etc.If he is crying without any reason then you can:>give him his toys or ... Read More »

What do you do when you have a crying baby?

my girlfriend siad you need to figure the answer to your problem by checking the baby from head to toe to see if there is a poopy diaper or if she/he is running a fever

Can a baby die from crying?

no, baby won't die from crying.. it is only a sign that he/she needs something. maybe he/she is hungry or sleepy, ... and crying is how baby communicates...