What is the average size of a pool table?

Answer The World Pool-Billiard Association authorizes two sizes of table for official play: 9-foot and 8-foot. Nine-foot tables have a playing surface 100 inches long and 50 inches wide; 8-foot tables are... Read More »

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What size is an official size pool table?

The official size of the bed of a pool table from the floor has to be at least 29-1/4 inches but no more than 31 inches. Tables can be either 8 feet or 9 feet long, and must have rounded corners.So... Read More »

What size room do i need for a pool table?

There is no standard pool table size. Customary tables in homes and bars have a 44-inch by 88-inch playing surface. Allowing for nonplaying area of 3 inches all around plus standard cue length of 5... Read More »

What size room do you need for 7x4 pool table?

The pool table should be at least the length of a cue stick away from the wall on all sides. A standard cue stick is 58 inches long, so the room should be at least 11.8 feet by 8.8 feet for a 7 fee... Read More »

What is the normal size of a pool table?

The regulation for pool table size is that the table must be twice as long as it is wide. The average tables are 7 to 8 feet long, making the average width 3 and 1/2 to 4 feet wide.Source:Dicks Sp... Read More »