What is the average size of a movie screen?

Answer The average size of a movie screen is 30 ft. by 70 ft. Theater owners may build their screens a little smaller or larger, and the choice depends on the theater's seating capacity. The standard proj... Read More »

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What is the average laptop screen size?

The average laptop screen size ranges from 14 inches to 17 inches. The most common laptop screen size is 15.4 inches, as it allows for best portability, is lightweight and still has enough space fo... Read More »

What is the normal screen size of a video projection screen?

No normal video projection screen size exists, although screens in the 100- to 110-inch range serve most home theaters, according to Cinema Source technicians. Projector aspect ratio---16:9 standar... Read More »

What is the best television to buy, a L C D screen or a plasma screen . Size will be 37 or 42 inch?

I think the Plasma TVs are terrible and they don't hold up (after 2 years they need service).I have an LCD and it is awesome. I highly recommend the LCD.

My monitor screen shakes whenever I watch a movie or a video "in full screen" HELP!?

Sorry, I am as hardware savvy as you. Good luck to you.