What is the average salary of early childhood or elementary art teachers?

Answer beside basic salary... a lot can depend upon individual performance and experiences.... so just get the best package... best wishes.

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What is the Average Salary of Early Childhood Education Graduates?

The average salary of an early childhood education graduate varies with place of employment. According to, the average graduate who works in a daycare center earns about $27,000 annually... Read More »

The Average Salary of an Early Childhood Educator in Colorado?

Colorado had salaries above the national average for preschool teachers in May 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), but kindergarten and special education teachers at the presch... Read More »

Early Childhood Teachers HELP please!?

Remember to keep all learning fun and active--no worksheets in preschool ( :Art is about the process rather than the "cookie cutter" projects. You can have them paint with textured fun... Read More »

Early Childhood Development Activities for Teachers?

During the early years of a child's life, he is developing cognitively, physically and socially at a rapid rate. Interpersonal and educational skills that will be used throughout life begin to deve... Read More »