What is the average salary of a tattoo artist?

Answer states that the average tattoo artist makes $33,583 per year with a pay range between $20,000 and $47,000. Today Tattoos adds that a tattoo artist's salary is highly dependent on expe... Read More »

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What is the yearly salary of a tattoo artist?

The PayScale Report reveals that tattoo artists make $20,000 to $47,166 per year as of April 2010. Adding to that, bonuses of $98.26 to $2,056 produces total compensation of $24,143 to $102,502. Ab... Read More »

How Much on Average Will a Tattoo Artist Make?

Your average earnings as a tattoo artist will vary considerably depending on your level of experience, skill and talent, what type of agreement you establish with your employer, and whether or not ... Read More »

The Average Starting Pay for a Tattoo Artist?

Nowadays, tattoos are becoming more popular and socially acceptable. Correspondingly, there is a demand for more tattoo artists, and masters of the trade are sometimes earning upwards of $100 per h... Read More »

What Is an Average Artist's Salary?

A fine artist communicates his ideas, thoughts and emotions through visual art. Artists typically specialize in a specific type of art, like painting or sculpture. Formal school is generally not re... Read More »