What is the average salary of a graphic designer?

Answer The average annual salary of a graphic designer is dependent on quite a few factors including years of experience, the industry in which you work, education and location. The typical median salary ... Read More »

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What is the average salary of a graphic designer in Indianapolis?

As of May 2009, graphic designers working in the Indianapolis and Carmel, Indiana, greater metropolitan area earned an average of $20.22 per hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. ... Read More »

Graphic-Designer Salary?

Seduction, shock, intrigue and promise. These are all emotions that graphic designers may attempt to elicit in their target audience. They create visual designs -- for packaging, advertisements, di... Read More »

What is the average salary of a floral designer?

PayScale states that floral designers have a base hourly rate of $9.83 to $14.25 per hour, with $14.80 to $20.91 per hour for overtime (as of July 2010). Adding annual bonuses of $102 to $513, as w... Read More »

Average salary for a mid level screen / web designer in Zurich, Switzerland?

Please visit these two websites in order to calculate your salary yourself:- are in German. Remember that without fluency in German (plus Swiss or EU ... Read More »