What is the average salary in Germany?

Answer Germany is the 15th-largest country in the world, with a population of over 82 million residents, reports the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). According to the CIA, in 2009 workers in Germany ear... Read More »

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If both American and filipino are not resident of Germany they want to get marry only in Germany what is the requirements and is there a possible to stay also Germany of both parties?

Getting married in Germany is possible for two people who are not residents or citizens. Contact a German embassy or consulate for the procedure. You should also each contact a marriage lawyer in t... Read More »

What is the average cost of a wire transfer to Germany?

Bank of America charges $45 for an international wire transfer of money to Germany. Wells Fargo charges $25. Some banks charge more or less, but on average, the fee is about $30.References:Bank of ... Read More »

What is the average cost of a round trip flight to Germany?

Round trip flights from the US to Germany start at $600 and could cost up to $1,600. The cost of a round trip ticket will depend on your US point of departure, as well as the time of year you plan ... Read More »

What is the average art salary?

Art professionals create things to express feelings or images. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a national median salary of $29,080 for craft artists; $42,650 for fine artists including painte... Read More »