What is the average salary for civil engineering?

Answer According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of a civil engineer was $74,600 in 2008. The average starting wage for civil engineers is slightly over $50,000 a year. Despite econom... Read More »

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Differences Between Civil Engineering & Chemical Engineering?

Both chemical and civil engineering have played roles in transforming and fostering the global developmental agenda. These two disciplines are varied in their scope and may be equally demanding in ... Read More »

How Is Math Used in Civil Engineering?

A civil engineer uses nearly every form of math at one point in time to do her job. Algebra is used on a daily basis, and many engineers will have to deal with differential equations, statistics, a... Read More »

How to Get a Civil Engineering Degree?

Civil engineering is a growing career field with many opportunities for contributing to both public and private projects. Civil engineers develop skill in design, management and construction, and c... Read More »

Universities of Civil Engineering?

To be accepted into a university with a top civil engineering program, students must have a strong background in math and science, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. The Civil En... Read More »