What is the salary range for an oncologist?

Answer According to PayScale, the salary range of an oncologist depends on experience. As of March 2010, those with 1 to 4 years average $102,924 to $248,445 per year. Those with 5 to 9 years make $119,22... Read More »

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What is the salary of a radiology oncologist?

The average salary range for a radiology oncologist is $357,000 to $463,293. Multiple factors affect the salary range, including experience, the type of practice, the individual workload and where ... Read More »

What is the base salary range for an oncologist?

Physicians such as oncologists make an annual mean salary of $227,860, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' May 2009 report. "Earnings of physicians and surgeons are among the highest ... Read More »

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The average weekly salary for full-time employees in the UK was £489, or approximately $703, in April 2009. This amounts to $36,556 per year. Median wages of male full-time employees were £531, o... Read More »

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