What is the average salary for an assistant director of a small college?

Answer An assistant director for a small college is also referred to as an education administrator. Under the supervision of a dean or director, these professionals develop and oversee academics. In Mar... Read More »

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What is the salary for the assistant director of development?

The average salary for an assistant director of development is about $49,000 annually, as of early 2010. Depending on the type of development being directed, the range of salaries for an assistant ... Read More »

What is the average salary of a daycare director in Massachusetts?

As of 2010, daycare directors in Massachusetts make an average of $65,000 per year. This number will vary based on the company, location and the experience the person has. If a candidate has a degr... Read More »

The Average Salary of a Senior Marketing & Advertising Director?

Executives who manage or direct marketing departments can typically expect an average salary of over six figures. These positions often require a well-developed and diverse set of skills, including... Read More »

Assistant Teachers' Average Salary?

Assistant teachers, also called teacher aides or teacher assistants, work in instructional settings under the supervision of a licensed teacher or professor. They carry out various duties that faci... Read More »