What is the average salary for a stockbroker?

Answer The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies stockbrokers as securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents. As of the most recent data collected in May 2008, they earned a median salary... Read More »

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What does the average stockbroker make?

Stockbrokers with one to four years' experience earn a median annual salary of $34,830 to $50,163 as of May 2010, according to Stockbrokers with five to nine years of experience earn ... Read More »

How much does the average stockbroker make?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average earnings of a stockbroker, as of May 2008, were $68,680. The amount varies greatly, however, depending on an individual's abil... Read More »

What is the average CGA salary?

According to PayScale, the average salary for those with the Certified General Accountant designation depends on their job. As of March 2010, an accountant average C$47,505 ($46,761) per year, a se... Read More »

What is the average NBA salary?

The average salary for a basketball player in the National Basketball Association was $5.854 million dollars in 2010. This number generally tends to increase each year, as in 2009, the average sala... Read More »