What is the average salary for a baseball player?

Answer As of the 2009 season, Major League Baseball players earned an average salary of $3 million. In the same year, the minimum salary teams were required to pay any player was $400,000. Alex Rodriquez ... Read More »

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What is the salary of a minor league baseball player?

Major League Baseball issues contracts to minor league baseball players, just like major league baseball players. According to the official site of Minor League Baseball, salaries start at $1,100/... Read More »

What is the average professional baseball player's salary?

According to the Major League Baseball Players Association, the average Major League player earns $2,996,106 annually. Professional players in the world's other premier professional league, Japan's... Read More »

Professional Baseball Players Average Salary?

The average salary paid to professional baseball players has grown considerably since 1876 when Major League Baseball was founded. Gradual increases in the average salary paid to pro baseball playe... Read More »

What was the average salary of a NBA player in 1970?

According to the book "Basketball in America," the average National Basketball Association (NBA) salary was just $35,000 per year in 1970. In 2009, the average NBA player made $5.835 million per y... Read More »