What is the average rainfall of Chile?

Answer Annual rainfall in Chile varies from almost no rain at all in the north to between 100 and 200 inches annually in the south. Santiago, the capital, gets between 13 and 15 inches of rain in an avera... Read More »

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What is the average yearly rainfall in Chile?

Chile is geographically unique. It stretches over 2,600 miles down the western coast of South America but is only 100 to 200 miles wide. It encompasses a number of different climates. Northern Chil... Read More »

What is the average rainfall of northern Chile in July?

Northern Chile is a very dry area, with most of the Antofagasta region receiving just 1 mm of rain per year. July is winter in Chile, which is the season with rain, but average rainfall in northern... Read More »

What is the yearly average temperature in Chile?

In Chile's capital city of Santiago, average daily high temperatures range from 58 degrees in June to 85 degrees in January. But because it stretches 2,600 miles between its southern and northernmo... Read More »

What is northern chile's average daily temperature?

Average daily temperatures in Northern Chile range between 63 degrees Fahrenheit (July) and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (March). Northern Chile features a predominately desert landscape. Coastal areas re... Read More »