What is the average price for a condominium or a small house in North Dakota?

Answer A real estate agent in North Dakota can answer your question.

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What is the average cost of living in North Dakota?

North Dakota as a whole has a regional consumer price index of 168.4 compared to a U.S. city average of 173.8, according to The ACCRA Cost of Living Index indexes the cost of livi... Read More »

Average cost in renters insurance in North Dakota?

The best way to find out is to contact a local agent or agency and ask for quotes or at least a ballpark estimate. There are too many variables to provide an answer here.[Additional note added by D... Read More »

The Average Job Salaries for High School Principals in North Dakota?

In North Dakota, the education, certification and licensing of high school principals is administered by the Department of Public Instruction and Legislative Branch. Principals must obtain state-ad... Read More »

What is an average price for liability insurance for small businesses?

Absolutely, you need to cover your liability in the event of loss or injury.