What is the average premium for a million dollar liability insurance policy?

Answer Answer several hundred dollars

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What is the cost of 5 million dollar commercial liability insurance policy?

It all depends on what type of business your in as well as your claims history and other factors such as your experience and risk exposure. If your a Dynamite Manufacturer needing a CGL policy it ... Read More »

What is the average cost per year or month for a 5 million dollar liability policy for an equestrian business?

Policy rates are dependent on too many factors, you will need to contact a few agents and request quotes.

What would a one-day million dollar liability insurance policy cost for a wedding reception?

Just as with any other type of insurance you would need to submit the details of the risk exposure to an insurance company for an estimate. All insurance companies have their own method of risk an... Read More »

How much does a one-million-dollar liability insurance policy cost?

Too many variables. Liability insurance for what? You need to contact an insurance agency that handles commercial insurance and ask them. Answer Somewhere between $50 - $1000 a month... $50 If you ... Read More »