What is the average net profit margin for different industries?

Answer 3%

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What is an average price for liability insurance for small businesses?

Absolutely, you need to cover your liability in the event of loss or injury.

What Is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for Small Businesses?

The average cost of Health Insurance for small businesses is $280 per month for single workers and $750 per month for coverage to a full family. The total costs per month to a business will change ... Read More »

What Kind of Ratio Is the Net Profit Margin?

The net profit margin is possibly the most critical of all business analytical ratios. Better known as "the bottom line," the net profit margin not only shows whether or not the business is making ... Read More »

What Is the Maximum Allowed Profit Margin?

Profitability is the most important measure of company performance on the balance sheet. It is usually measured in terms of margin which refers to gross margin, operating margin or net income margi... Read More »