What is the average number of Christmas lights on a Christmas tree?

Answer The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of holiday decorations. The average number of lights on a Christmas tree is 200. The most well-known Christmas tree in the country -- the White House Christmas... Read More »

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What is the recommended number of lights for an 8 foot Christmas tree?

Pick Your Own Christmas Tree recommends 100 lights per vertical foot of holiday tree, so an 8-foot Christmas tree will require 800 lights. You can use 150 lights per foot, or 1,200 lights, for an 8... Read More »

What is the amperage of Christmas lights?

The amperage of Christmas lights varies depending on the bulb type and number of bulbs in the light strand. If you know the type of light bulb you have, you can compute the number of watts in the l... Read More »

What do the lights on a christmas tree represent?

Protestant reformer Martin Luther was the first person to put lights (candles) on a Christmas tree. When he was returning home on a dark winter's night, he saw beautiful starlight shining through a... Read More »

What year were electric Christmas tree lights first used?

The first electric Christmas tree lights were used in 1882, only three years after Thomas Edison invented the incandescent bulb. As "CSE" magazine explains, "Edward Johnson, Edison's friend and par... Read More »