What is the average national salary of doctors?

Answer The median salary of a family doctor in the United States is about $136,000 a year as of early 2010. A doctor who works in a hospital's emergency room earns more, making about $182,000 a year.Sourc... Read More »

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What is the average salary of doctors in canada?

The average salary of doctors in Canada ranges from 84,000 Canadian dollars for an internal medicine doctor to 121,000 Canadian dollars for a plastic surgeon. Canadian dollars are worth approximate... Read More »

The Average Salary of Internal Medicine Doctors?

"The term 'Internal Medicine' comes from the German term 'Innere Medizin,' a discipline popularized in Germany in the late 1800s to describe physicians who combined the science of the laboratory wi... Read More »

The Average Salary of Rural Family Practice Doctors?

Family doctors may set up practices in both rural and urban areas, though wages generally tend to be higher for those working in areas with a higher cost of living. Other factors that affect the sa... Read More »

What is the national average salary?

Knowing the national average salary can determine how your wages compare with the rest of the country. How this number rises or falls can also help judge the state of the economy.IndexThe Social Se... Read More »