What is the average monthly temperature&precipitation in florida?

Answer The average Florida monthly temperature generally ranges between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the northern part of the state. In the southern part, the temperature ranges from 74 to 77 degrees Fa... Read More »

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What is the average monthly pay in the military?

Military pay varies widely depending on rank and years of experience. Every year, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service publishes on its website the base pay, basic allowance for housing and b... Read More »

How to Calculate Average Monthly Return?

When people invest money, they care about what return they will receive, either in the short or long term. Over the course of a year, most investments' returns will vary from month to month. For th... Read More »

What is the monthly average temperature in nebraska?

Nebraska is a large Midwestern state where the temperature changes with the regions and the seasons. According to, Nebraska's monthly average temperature ranges from a high of 89.5 deg... Read More »

What is the average monthly temperature in New Zealand?

The average monthly temperature in Wellington, New Zealand, ranges from 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) in the coldest month, July, to 61.7 degrees Fahrenheit (16.5 degrees Celsius) in ... Read More »