What is the average mass of an apple?

Answer Apples range in size from as small as a cherry to as large as a grapefruit. A medium apple (3 inches in diameter) has a mass of about 181 grams (a weight of 6.4 oz.).Source:University of Illinois E... Read More »

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What is the mass of an average cell?

The consideration of "average" is very difficult to ascertain. For human cells, "the average cell is about 50 micrometers (0.05mm) in diameter," according to the website Bacteria ha... Read More »

What is the average mass of a meter stick?

The average mass of a meter stick is .160042 kg. Because meter stick manufacturers use different materials and production processes, the mass can increase or decrease slightly from the average mass... Read More »

How to Convert an Average Mass to Grams?

With conversions, it is essential you understand what units you are dealing with. Elements and compounds are often measured in moles to make the number more manageable to work with. A mole (mol) is... Read More »

How to Figure Out the Average Atomic Mass?

The mass of an element is determined by the makeup of its nucleus. Atomic nuclei contain two types of particles: protons and neutrons. They weigh approximately the same. One proton or one neutron w... Read More »