What Is the Difference Between a Wheaten Scottish Terrier & a West Highland White Terrier?

Answer The Scottish terrier is described as wheaten when it is pale and reddish in coat color. This coloration makes the small terrier look similar to the West Highland terrier. This similarity is superfi... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between a Schnauzer and a Scottish Terrier?

Schnauzers and the Scottish terriers are two different dog breeds, and their differences are primarily in size, facial features and color pattern. Normally, both breeds are groomed in a somewhat si... Read More »

How to Groom a Scottish Terrier?

You will find these simple steps very good when learning on how to groom your Scottish terrier! You'll need responsibility when grooming the Scottie.

What is the average height of Scottish men?

According to an article published by the Guardian, a leading online news site in the United Kingdom, men in the United Kingdom, including Scotland, are 5 feet, 9 inches tall on average. This is sli... Read More »

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