What is the average insurance settlement for broken elbow injury in California?

Answer 100 k

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What is the average personal injury settlement?

A personal injury, in legal terms, is one which negatively affects your physical or mental health. This usually results from an accident of some sort. When the injured party feels that their injury... Read More »

What is the average settlement for a disc injury?

The average disc injury settlement due to an automobile or motorcycle accident is $340,328. Accident cases can become complicated when there is a preexisting injury or degenerative disc disease. Fo... Read More »

Do you have to reimburse a health insurance provider that paid for medical bills if you received a bodily injury settlement from your auto insurance?

If they have a Subrogation Clause (Section of Property Insurance and Liability Insurance policies giving an insurer the right to take legal action against a third party responsible for a loss to an... Read More »

If an auto insurance pays for medical claims and a settlement is received from an at-fault driver for bodily injury is that to repay the insurance co?

AnswerAccording to my insurance company, if i receive money from the at fault other driver as in a settlement, then yes I have to repay my own insurance company for the medical related expenses the... Read More »