What is the average insurance cost with a handyman business?

Answer i was quoted 1100 per year in southern california

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The Average Cost for Business Insurance?

Depending on the products and services a business offers, it is common for the owners to insure their operation with property coverage, liability, health and other insurance. Some businesses are re... Read More »

What is the average insurance cost for masonry business?

Answer dpends on which coverages you need( General Liability,equip.,Auto,workers compensation) and your risk factors,employees,payroll,etc. It could range from $1000 up to six figures.

What is the average cost for business insurance in Miami Florida?

Well it depends on a few different things. First is the type of business you are trying to insure, what limits of liability and contents coverage you need, and the size of your business for example... Read More »

How much does a 50k liability policy cost for a handyman business in South Jersey?

Illinois Casualty Company has specialized in insurance for the food and beverage industry for over 50 years. They insure bars, restaurants, package liquor stores, banquet facilities and will write ... Read More »