What is the average heartbeat of a 5-month-old baby?

Answer Some experts say the heartbeat should be in the area of 135-145. However, some say that the heartbeat is associated with gender: that of a boy is rated at 145 beats per minute, and that of a girl ... Read More »

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What is the average heartbeat for a unborn baby at 11 weeks?

The fetal heart rate is sometimes detectable by nine to 10 weeks, but almost always by 12 weeks. The heartbeat can be heard with a Doppler instrument. At this stage of development, including at 11 ... Read More »

What is the average length of a 14 month baby?

my doughter is 14 months and she is very tiny her wiaght 9.5 kg and her length 75.5 cm can some one tell me about right or normal size pls..thnk u

What is the average cost of a baby per month?

Raising a child is very expensive and requires not only your time, but your money. To meet the needs of a child until 18 years old requires the parent to have a good job. I would guess an average o... Read More »

What is the average length of a six month old baby?

Temperature of 39 degree C. and above should be taken seriously. However please remember that the degree of temperature is not the only criterion. The general condition of the baby and associated s... Read More »