What is the wind speed of an African swallow?

Answer Some 38 species of swallow inhabit Africa, says A healthy European or barn swallow--common to many parts of Africa--can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour under ideal weather condi... Read More »

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What is the average flight time before a solo flight?

Flight time before a solo flight averages between 10 and 20 hours, depending on the skill of the student and the competency of the instructor. Most students solo within 25 hours. Other factors, suc... Read More »

How to Use a Graphic Flight Computer to Find Ground Speed and True Heading?

An E-6B manual flight computer is waterproof, shock-resistant and doesn't require batteries, making it an ideal tool for pilots while flying. This nifty contraption has both a computer and wind sid... Read More »

What is the average cost of flight school training?

The cost of flight school is dependant on factors such as the make, model and year of the plane used for flight instruction. The average cost of flight instruction ranges between $5,500 and $10,000... Read More »

What is the average cost of a round trip flight to Germany?

Round trip flights from the US to Germany start at $600 and could cost up to $1,600. The cost of a round trip ticket will depend on your US point of departure, as well as the time of year you plan ... Read More »