What is the average density of bone?

Answer The amount of bone tissue in a specific volume of bone is called bone density. Bone density is measured in grams per centimeters cubed. Bone mineral density is easier to measure and is calculated i... Read More »

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I had a bone density test done and I have a high bone density but I still break my bones very easily..why?

What do bone mass calculations mean on bone density tests?

A bone mass measurement test is the most reliable method for predicting bone fractures and diagnosing osteoporosis, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation.SignificanceBone mass tests can... Read More »

What is the density of a bone?

The density of a bone refers to how much calcium and other minerals a bone has. Bones with lots of minerals are denser and less likely to break. Bone density tests measure the mineral content of a ... Read More »

How to Take a Bone Density Test?

This test is simple and non invasive and covered by most Insurance Companies. It is a good idea to have a bone density test.