Would you pay to have your teeth whitened?

Answer You're right, teeth aren't naturally white, in fact yellow teeth are much stronger and healthier than white - it's a fact my dentist told me.Really white teeth just don't look natural

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Have you had your teeth whitened, and if so?

I had my dentist whiten my teeth and they did an amazing job! I have also tried the white stirps and brushing with tooth whitening tooth paste...and the results didn't do much...but the profession... Read More »

How old to get your teeth professionally whitened?

...Sixteen.If you have tried the strips and found no change it may be because you are consuming something that counteracts the effect: tea, coffee, curry, smoking, etc.Get some baking soda and make... Read More »

Is it expensive to get your teeth whitened?

It can be if you go to a dentist, but you could just get so mewhiteing strips

Do you know someone that has whitened their teeth one time too many?

no I have not. I have seen some that need to though