What is the average cost of cable TV& high-speed Internet?

Answer Based on AT&T DSL, Time Warner Cable Internet and Clear high speed mobile, the average price of internet falls between $20.00 and $40.00 a month. Based upon Dish Network, Time Warner Cable and Dire... Read More »

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How Can I Check the Speed of My High Speed Cable Internet Connection?

There are numerous websites you can use to measure the speed of your Internet connection. These websites queue up a small file that your computer downloads (the file is safe and is deleted after th... Read More »

What router is needed for cable high-speed Internet?

Any router labeled as a broadband or cable router will work with cable high-speed Internet service. A router labeled for DSL and cable will work with both, and a router labeled as DSL will not work... Read More »

Cable Vs. DSL High Speed Internet?

High speed broadband subscriptions are growing exponentially, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In 2003, the FCC reported 28.2 million broadband connections in the United St... Read More »

If a person has neither cable TV nor a home phone, what is the cheapest way to get high speed Internet?

In order of cheapest to most expensive1. Wireless service like Clear or Clearwire - if available in your area. Costs are competitive with DSL but less than cable2. "Naked" DSL - some telephone prov... Read More »