What is the average check for a buffet type of restaurant?

Answer I seen between 6 to 9 dollars

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What Indian restaurant in Manhattan offers a buffet at dinner?…

What is your favorite type of buffet?

Chinese with General Tso's chicken, egg drop soup, sweet and sour chicken/pork, pork lo mein

Do you leave a tip at a buffet restaurant if you bring 100 people to eat?

if you go to the buffet a lot, then you definately want to leave a tip and a nice one at that. Otherwise, the next time you go, all the staff will give you the "evil eye" and piss in your drinks. ... Read More »

How much tip should you leave at a buffet restaurant?

If they bring your drinks, and do a good job, $1 per person in the party.If you do everything except clear the table, 5% of the total check, but never less than $1 unless you are making a statement... Read More »