What is the average breast measurement?

Answer The average breast size in America is increasing. Up until a few years ago, the average bra size of women in America was 34B. It has now gone up to 36C. There are two main reasons for this. Many wo... Read More »

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What is the measurement of an average volleyball court?

A volleyball court is 59 feet long and 29 1/2 feet wide. The net is placed in the middle of the court to divide it into two 29 1/2-foot playing sections.References:Volleyball: Volleyball Court Dime... Read More »

When is the average age girls get breast?

Girl's begin growing breasts at about 10-11 years old.Overtime, female hormones will kick in and begin to change emotions and appearance.Breasts are made up of breast tissue and fat tissue.Women wh... Read More »

What is the average breast size for teens?

There is no average breast size for teens. Every woman's breasts develop at a different rate and size. Heredity is an important factor determining breast size, and there is nothing (except surgery)... Read More »

What is the average female breast size?

In America, the average female breast size has gone from 34B in 1996 to 36C in 2009. These are also the same sizes in the UK. For Asia, the average breast size was 34A in 1980, and it is now 34C.So... Read More »