What is the average birth weight of a girl?

Answer around 3

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What was the Average birth weight in 2004?

Answer The mean birth weight in grams was 3,316 for 2004 according to this CDC report

What is the average weight for a 4'2 8 yr old girl? are some frequently asked nutrition questions

What is the average weight of a girl that is 4.11?

It all depends on your height and age, I'm 12 years old, a girl, 4"11 and currently 7 stone 2 lbs, which is said to be overweight, but I'm still growing, so anything can happen

What is the weight for an average 12 yr old girl?

Answer I'm a 5'5" 12 year old girl and am 105 pounds. I don't know if that's average, but I think it's somewhere around there. Depends on how much you eat, what you eat, and how tall you are. I'm ... Read More »