How much do babysitters charge an hour?

Answer The going rate for babysitters is anywhere from $5 to $15 an hour. The rate differs and is determined by where you live, the age and temperament of the child, how many children are to be watched an... Read More »

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What is the average sq ft price to build a deck out of composite material and does that price include materials if you live in New Jersey?

Whoa, that's a Loaded Question! lol. Too many variables; Size of deck, Which 'composite' materials, and are you going with a Vinyl rail system? They range from $67-$350 per section but average abou... Read More »

How to Determine Average List Price to Sale Price Ratio?

The average list-to-sale price ratio, expressed as a percentage, is the ratio of the average listing price to the average selling price of residential properties in a period. Depending on condition... Read More »

Average price for average price of a airplane?

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What does the average roofer charge per hour?

Roofers are responsible for repairing and installing roofs from a number of different materials. According to, roofers charge, on average, anywhere from $12.59 to $20.25 and above per ... Read More »