What is the average archaeologist's salary?

Answer The average annual salary for an archaeologist is in the mid-$40,000 range. The pay rate is affected considerably based on expertise, years in the field and level of education. The Society for Amer... Read More »

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How many hours do archaeologists work?

Some archeologists, such as those who work for museums or government organizations, may work eight hours a day. Many archeologists, including those who perform field work, do not follow a set sched... Read More »

How Do Archaeologists Find Out About Early Peoples?

Archaeologists are scientist who study ancient peoples, and try to understand ancient civilizations by studying the artifacts, ecofacts and features left behind. Artifacts are objects such as tools... Read More »

Tool Kits Made for Archaeologists?

When you keep tools together in a central location, they are much easier to find when needed. Archaeologists use various pieces of equipment while conducting archaeological work, and frequently use... Read More »

Why Is an Imaginary Grid So Important to Archaeologists?

Digging a site destroys it forever. Archaeologists record where each artifact is found by noting its position on a grid--not only to aid their future laboratory work, but for future archaeologists ... Read More »