What was the least number of baseballs used in a major league game?

Answer One baseball was used in a major league game several times prior to 1920. This was before Major League Baseball passed rules that require balls to be taken out of play for getting scuffed or dirty ... Read More »

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Is the diameter&weight of a little league baseball the same as a major league baseball?

The diameter and weight of the baseballs are the same in Little League and the big leagues. Differences may occur in the stitching of the baseball, with Little League baseball stitching being sligh... Read More »

Who makes major league baseballs?

Rawlings Sporting Goods Company has been the exclusive supplier of baseballs for all major league teams since 1977. The logos on the products, particularly those manufactured for the World Series, ... Read More »

What team won the Major League Baseball World Series in 1989?

The Oakland Athletics won the 1989 Major League Baseball World Series. The Athletics swept the San Francisco Giants in four games to capture the title. Pitcher Dave Stewart was elected series MVP.S... Read More »

What should your Fantasy Baseball League roster look like Well I am a league manager in an ESPN Fantasy Baseball League and do not know how many players to set my roster to?

In the MLB there are 25 players on a team. If you want to make it as realistic as possible you should that. But if you like a challenge you could do a 40 man roster. Another problem is that you ne... Read More »