Why is it that so many teens start to drink at a young age?

Answer Peer Pressure...Parents...School...All the lovely things kiddos stress about is why...

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How to Remind Teens Not to Drink?

Communication with teens can be quite difficult and challenging at times, but at this vital age they can be subjected to many influences and ideas that may become a part of them and shape their fut... Read More »

10 Reason Why Teens Should Drink..?

Do u care if teens drink alcohol?

No I don't for a number of good reasons that the puritans delude themselves into believing can't be legitimate.Firstly who says all under 21s cannot drink responsibly. What about Europe? Furthermor... Read More »

American teens: do you drink alcohol?

In the U.S. a lot of teens start drinking when they are young. Lots in college so around 18, and when they hit high school so 15, 16